About Andrew
Andrew was born June 30, 1987. His mother raised him and his three brothers in the small town of Paeroa, New Zealand. Despite growing up in a family where sport was second nature, Andrew was more of a class-clown than star athlete in his early years. However, Andrew found his passion for running in high school, and broke records and regularly won races against much older students. It wasn't until his PE teacher, Ava Meek, challenged him to run a marathon that he found his true calling in long distance running. Andrew and best friend Dena hit the pavements every morning to train for their first marathon; this is a huge challenge for anyone let alone a couple of teenagers.
After finishing high school, Andrew took a break from running to pursue other adventures. Andrew is a licensed scuba diver and skydiver and has held many , gaining both experience and skills. In 2008, he decided to shake the dust off his running shoes and get back into it.

Having already run a marathon, Andrew decided to start training for, and completed his first ultra marathon – a 100 km event in February 2009 at the New Zealand Nationals, where he finished in the top 10. Since then, Andrew hasn't stopped, completing several ultra marathons to date.

In February and March 2010, Andrew completed his biggest achievement to date – a 2200 km event, running the length of New Zealand in 28 days, averaging between 70-80 km a day, fighting shin splints, a torn muscle and bad weather.

In November 2010, Andrew returned to where it all started for him, at his old high school – Paeroa College – to talk to students about his journey into running, the 2200km New Zealand ultra marathon, and his future plans.

In September 2011, Andrew ran 200km in Queensland, Australia, to raise for the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA – It was while training for this event that Andrew changed to a vegetarian diet for ethical reasons, and believes it was one of the best decisions of his life. He then went on in 2012 to run 1000 km's over a period of 15 day's from Brisbane to Sydney and once again and awareness for WSPA. He said of his experience that the Brisbane to Sydney run was the most satisfying run he has ever done.
Not long after the Brisbane to Sydney run, Andrew ran in the Lycian Way ultra marathon over in Turkey, a 250 km, six stage, self sufficient race along the ancient Lycian Way. According to Andrew this was the toughest and most challenging race he had ever done.

In June of 2013 Andrew was able to speak to his life long idol Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 21st Century Summit in Sydney. After letting Schwarzenegger know about how much of an inspiration he has been in his life Andrew quoted a line from the movie Predator, "You Son of a Bitch!" which made Arnold laugh and quickly replying with "Get to da choppa" and "If it Bleeds, we can Kill it!". Arnold then went on to break one of the biggest movie news stories of the year to Andrew confirming he will be playing the Terminator in T5 and that it would be starting filming in 2014. The T5 news made headlines all over the world.

In 2014 Andrew received his certificate 3 and certificate 4 in fitness and hopes to use this to help others achieve their fitness goals.
Andrew and Dena before a race in 2005