About Andrew
Andrew was born June 30th 1987, he grew up in the Small town of Paeroa in New Zealand with his three brothers raised by their mum. Being in a family where sports was second nature it should have been natural for Andrew to be sports orientated however this wasn't the case. Andrew was the class clown growing up, getting himself into all kinds of trouble usually with his best mate Dena by his side. It wasn't until Andrew found his passion at his high school, Paeroa College. On the track Andrew found himself breaking school Records and as an intermediate was running against the seniors and of course beating them. It wasn't until his P.E Teacher Ava Meek challenged him to run an entire Marathon that he found his true calling in long distance running. Andrew and Dena would hit the pavements running every morning to train for their first Marathon; this is a huge challenge for anyone let alone a couple of teenagers.
After finishing School Andrew took a couple of years off running to pursue adventures elsewhere both here in New Zealand and Australia. Andrew is a licensed Scuba Diver and Skydiver and has held a vast number of jobs to boost his skills. In 2008 Andrew decided to wipe the dust off his Running Shoes and get back into it. He had already completed a Marathon so what was bigger than that? This is where the Ultra Marathon came into the story. He completed his first Ultra Marathon, a 100km run in February 2009 at the New Zealand Nationals gaining a top 10 position. Since then Andrew hasn't stopped running completing a vast number of Ultras in a short period of time.
In February/March 2010 Andrew achieved his biggest achievement to date, a 2200 km run of the length of New Zealand in 28 days, averaging between 70-80kms a day and fighting through shin splints, a torn muscle and bad weather. On the 21st of March Andrew made it at Stirling Point in Bluff at 10:04am.
On Thursday the 11th of November 2010 Andrew spoke at his previous highschool at Paeroa College talking for the first time about the last 5 years of his life and extensively about his New Zealand run and future plans. 
In September of 2011 Andrew ran 200 km's in Queensland, Australia to raise funds for the charity WSPA, the World Society for the Protection of Animals. Half way into the training for this run Andrew changed his diet to a vegetarian diet for ethical and health reasons stating it was one of the best decisions of his life.
Andrew is currently writing a book about his Ultra Marathon running among other adventures. He is planning one more run before completing the book.
And this is only the beginning ...
Andrew and Dena before a race in 2005