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My new Blog!!!

Hey everyone,
Welcome to my new blog, I decided to start this as there seem's to be a little bit of interest in my running and my adventures. This is a great way to keep everyone up to date on my training, what races or runs I will be doing and all of that kind of crazy stuff! Also, if you want to know something regarding anything I write about just post a comment below and I will make sure to answer it :)
I'm not training today, might do a quick workout this arvo but that will be about it, I work on weekends at the local skydiving dropzone and usually help packing the parachutes, this past weekend (three day weekend) was perfect weather for skydiving so worked right through and was pretty exhausted by Monday, it can be a workout in itself packing a heap of parachutes, I think I packed about 80 or 90 parachutes, can't quite remember. So today I will be relaxing and will do a big run tomorrow, probably a 60 km training run. Last week I did two big runs, a 60 km run and a 50 km run. The 50 km run went great, I always try and keep the pace at about 10 km's per hour and I can do that quite easily for the 50 km. The 60 km run however was pretty bad, the first 40 km's went very smooth with no problems at all but getting into the last 20 I started to really feel it and then by the last 10 kms I was really struggling feeling a bit dizzy and light headed so I had to sit and rest ever kilometer or two. I probably didn't eat or drink enough so hopefully I will be on the ball with tomorrows run!
I'm in the current issue of Outer Edge Magazine talking about my up and coming Brisbane to Sydney run, it's a great four page feature, I talk a bit about my past running adventures and the Lycian Way Ultra which I will be doing in Turkey in September so make sure to check that out. Also, next month I will be in the June issue of UltraFit FITNESS magazine, I had an interview with them a couple of months ago, it was a really cool interview so I look forward to seeing how that turns out! I will be starting to write my third article for Bare Essentials Magazine, this new article will be about the mental side of Ultramarathon running, I really enjoy writing for this magazine as I don't have to write or talk about myself, I get to do a bit research for my articles and learn things for myself along the way!
By the end of this month I will be right into my last month of training getting my body prepared for running on consecutive day's, I will be training 6 day's a week, this includes 60-70 km runs, cycling and resistance training, that last month is always (obviously) the hardest. I find it hard that it takes a lot out of my own life juggling hours and hours of training on top of work and my own personal life although I wouldn't do it if I really wasn't enjoying it, I love the challenge and that's what get's me through!
I have mentioned that I have a couple of reasons I am doing my Brisbane to Sydney run, the main reason is to raise money for the amazing animal welfare charity WSPA so please go onto my Brisbane to Sydney run page and click on the WSPA logo to donate, it really doesn't matter if it's a tiny amount, every dollar does count and you could be saving the life of an animal. If you can't donate then another way to help is to share the fundraising page on your social network sites, tell your friends, you can also contact me and I can send you a poster that you can put on your notice boards at your work, school or uni :)
I will try and post at least once a week on this and maybe after the big training runs if anything exciting happens on them! I hope everyone has a great week and make sure to keep on running :D

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