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Lycian Way Ultramarathon

Run Larapinta 2017

Run Larapinta 2017 Malbunka (Long) Course

Since completeing South Africa's week long, multi stage ultra - Kalahari Augrabies 
Extreme Marathon last October I hadn't done much in the way of racing. I entered early on the Lost Island Ultra in Fiji for April next year but for me that seemed like too long of a wait and I needed something big to run before then. It took only a few clicks of the mouse before I stumbled across Run Larapinta, a 4 stage multi day race right here in Australia near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Getting ready for 2013

2012 has been one of the best years of my life, I ran 1000 km from Brisbane to Sydney, trained in Athens, Greece and raced in the grueling Lycian Way ultramarathon over in Turkey!

As amazing as this year has been I have decided to have a less chaotic and more structured 2013. In saying that though I do plan to race in one ultramarathon for every month of the year, including one 100 mile (160 km) race! Some people may think this is a bit extreme (they are probably right) but for me it feels comfortable.

Back in Australia!

What an amazing adventure I had on the other side of the world! As much as I would love to go into detail about it all I just don't have the energy to sit and write so I will give you a brief overview :)

Neil and I arrived in Istanbul after landing and got to spend the entire day there looking around and exploring, we visited some great sites including the underground columns and the Museums which were amazing! We also went to the markets, that was an experience on its own.

The next day we flew to Athens where we spend nine days and had the most fantastic time.

An Amazing Time in Greece.

A very late blog update, I have had no time to do one as we have been super busy here in Greece. Tomorrow will be our final day here before flying back to Istanbul in Turkey. We will spend two nights in Istanbul and then Neil will be flying back home to Brisbane and I will fly out to the start of the race. Exciting times!

We have had the most amazing time here, visiting all sorts of ancient ruins around Athens and in nearby towns including Delphi, one of the most amazing places, it was also once considered the center of the Earth!

Two Weeks Until Takeoff!

Last week was a good training week. I managed to pump out three big training runs with a 40km run on both Monday and Friday and a longer 50km run on Wednesday. Both 40km runs were nice and easy however on the 50 km run I did seem to struggle a bit in the last 10km. That was probably due to pushing myself a bit too hard at the start, I still managed to do it in under 5 hours with a time of 4 hours 46 mins which is alright I guess!

                        (A sunset I captured while walking home)

Q&A TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this week was less productive than I planned out to be, work seemed to get in the way a bit but I did manage to do a pretty good core workout which I am still hurting from and also two 45km bike rides, both on the same day so 90 km in total, I felt pretty good the whole way even after pushing myself pretty hard so my endurance is still up there :D
I plan to do a 50km run this week with a couple of smaller runs and another bike ride or two, oh and lets not forget the core training!

Back in training!

So I'm only four days late with my new blog entry, but that should be of no surprise to anyone that reads these haha!
Right now the Badwater Ultramarathon is happening over in Arazona in Death Valley. This particular Ultra is known as the toughest foot race in the world, not just because of the distance but also because of the exteme heat, I think it's around 50 degress celcius at the moment, crazy but it has been a dream of mine to do it for a while now! Dean Karnazes is back for his 10th time, I met Dean back in 2009 and have kept in contact since, a really nice guy!

Getting ready for a new chapter ;D

I can't believe it has been ten day's since I reached Sydney after fifteen day's of running! I still can't get over how great the whole thing went, it was fantastic!
I received word today that I was on the front page of the Hauraki Herald in New Zealand, that paper covers the town that I grew up in. I was happy to hear that as I still have family and a lot of friends back there so they will be able to see what crazy things I have been up to. The article is on my 'Brisbane to Sydney Run' page.