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Q&A TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this week was less productive than I planned out to be, work seemed to get in the way a bit but I did manage to do a pretty good core workout which I am still hurting from and also two 45km bike rides, both on the same day so 90 km in total, I felt pretty good the whole way even after pushing myself pretty hard so my endurance is still up there :D
I plan to do a 50km run this week with a couple of smaller runs and another bike ride or two, oh and lets not forget the core training!


Yesterday I finished my 1000 km, 15 day, Brisbane to Sydney run! We raised over $5,000 for WSPA! Thank you all for your amazing support from my family and friends, WSPA, the amazing sponsors who put their trust into me with their products and the people who I have never met that encouraged me from far away and those that who donated. I appreciate it all so very much :)

Day Fourteen!!!

Three weeks ago, Neil asked me if I was excited about this Brisbane to Sydney run, I told him I wasn't! The reason was because I thought it would be similar to my NZ run with horrible injuries and long days. If I knew it was going to turn out how it has I would have been very excited! I'm amazed at the beautiful places we have seen, the great accommodation we have stayed in, the amazing people we ...have met but most of all, having raised $5,000 for WSPA, the most amazing charity that means so much to me. It took me five months of planning, preperation and training and thanks to all of the support and donations it has been completely worth it! I am 50 km's away from the finish at the Sydney Opera House at 3pm and I can't wait!!! I have to say though, this would not of happened if it wasn't for Neil Martin, who took time out of his life to be my support crew! He has taken care of me very well and I am so grateful for that. He has been just as good as Neil Hope who supported me in my NZ run, must be in the name :P

Day Twelve and Thirteen :) :) :)

Day Twelve.
Day number 12 was a bit cold and wet, I can't really complain though as we have had some great weather up until now and the forecast is looking good for the next three days so that's great :) Three more days to go, it's crazy how fast this has gone and how far I have run, crazy!!! Today was probably the day with the most hills so far although nothing at all like some of those days in NZ!
I felt p...retty good the whole way, there was a bit of an ache above my right knee but a bit of sports strapping tape sorted that right out ;D

Day Ten and Eleven :D

Day Ten.
Ten days down, only five to go!!! :D Today was a pretty good day, I had my breakfast while watching the sun rise over the ocean, it was really beautiful, a bit cold but beautiful :D Once I was out of Bonny Hills and back on the pacific highway there were no towns at all until I reached the end at Taree, it was just a long, long road! I didn't mind too much though, there was plenty of room to run o...n and it was pretty flat the whole way which was nice!
I had a couple of sore spots on my legs during today's run but they didn't stick around for too long, lucky, lucky ;D

Day Nine :)

Today was one of the better day's of the entire Brisbane to Sydney run, there were no problems at all I had a couple of minor irritations in my legs however I just strapped them up anytime I would feel anything to prevent any injuries, that seemed to do the job :D
Just as I was getting out of the town of Kempsey I saw a whole bunch of Kangaroos in a golf course. I crossed the road to take a photo and they all came charging towards me and smashed their feet into my stomach, I tried to fend them off but to no avail :( Well that's not what really happened, I saw a Momma Roo with her little baby in her pouch, was very cute so I took a few photos :D

Day Eight (Half Way!!!)

We have reached half way!!!! It's crazy to think I've been doing this run for 8 days now, only 7 days to go! Today was a pretty good day with little drama! The first 20 kms went by pretty quick, between 20 and 30 km's my ankle started to really hurt to the point where I couldn't run more than 100 meters! Once I got to the car Neil handed me the strapping tape which worked like a charm, the pain we...nt away instantly :) I also had a funny feeling in the bottom of my right calf muscle so tapped that up before anything happened there too! After that the rest of the day went pretty good! More beautiful weather, a little cold most of the way but I didn't mind. We are staying at the Netherby House B&B in Kempsey, another amazing place and the owner Jasmin is so nice, great to have the support of others for this run :D

Day Six and Seven

Day number six started off extremely cold, it was insane, just like I was back in NZ with fog so thick I could only see the headlights of the vehicles on the road! Luckily I had a good sleep at the Glenview Tourist Park and Motel, the managers there are great and wanted to hear all about my run!

 I pushes out the first 30 km's pretty quickly although my ankle started to get really sore, I strapped up with the old sports strapping tape and that done the trick with the pain disappearing :D However my thigh was back to its old games and wanting to slow me down a bit by causing me a bit of pain, I thought it was getting better but I thought wrong!

Day three and four

Day three was been another good day! The first 10 kms went nice and quick with a completely flat road however the rest of the day became quite hilly but the scenery was amazing so I didn't mind too much! After spending the day climbing up hills I devoloped a sore spot in my thigh which got quite bad at the end but didn't slow me down much! We stayed at the Ballina Riverside Apartments which are super awesome! The manager is a massive animal lover too, he even raised a Gibbon among many other animals and told us some really fun stories :D Neil has been doing a great job and enjoying the journey!

Brisbane to Sydney Day One and Two

Finished day one later than expected due to getting lost and other problems! Weather was perfect all day and body held up quite well :) The start of the day got off to a very slow start due to all of the traffic lights, intersections and busy roads! It was a bit of a hassel getting through all of the surrounding suburbs of Brisbane but got there in the end :D At the very end of the day Neil had txt me to let me know he was waiting at a different part of the street that I was to finish in however my phone had turned off and I didn't get the message so there I was running around like a maniac!