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Run Larapinta Vlog

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Run Larapinta and New Gaming Channel!
Talking about running in the Run Larapinta Ultramarathon here in Australia and my new gaming channel. (Sorry about the quality, will work on that)Instagram - @andyroyzGaming Insta - @retrogamer1987

Run Larapinta 2017

Run Larapinta 2017 Malbunka (Long) Course

Since completeing South Africa's week long, multi stage ultra - Kalahari Augrabies 
Extreme Marathon last October I hadn't done much in the way of racing. I entered early on the Lost Island Ultra in Fiji for April next year but for me that seemed like too long of a wait and I needed something big to run before then. It took only a few clicks of the mouse before I stumbled across Run Larapinta, a 4 stage multi day race right here in Australia near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

New Member of the Family (Video)

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New Member of the Family
Another pointless video blog where I talk about my new doggy, paragliding and ultramarathon running!

The 2016 Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam - Sky Marathon And Afterthoughts

The Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam Part III

Feeling completely exhausted after the ultra I wanted to get to bed as soon as possible. I quickly ate my dinner that only needed to be heated up in the microwave, had a protein shake and then a nice hot shower. 

I really hoped that I would get in some good quality sleep that night as the last two nights were pretty restless. My ribs had started to get worse and I still wasn't getting over my viral infection either. Unfortunately I was awake most of the night and got in maybe three hours sleep before my alarm went off for the final day, I probably looked like a zombie walking around gathering my things for the day.

The 2016 Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam - Ultra Sky Marathon

The Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam Part II

After getting back to my tent after the Sky 26er I decided to get everything ready for the next two days of running, I expected to be pretty tired after the 75km Ultra on day two and preparing everything for the final day would be the last thing that I wanted to do after a full day of running. I put everything I needed into separate bags for the Ultra and the third days marathon, trying to be as efficient as possible.

While sorting out all of my crap I met another runner who had come up with his family to run the Ultra, his name was Chris.

The 2016 Buffalo Stampede Grandslam - Preparation and the Sky 26er

The Buffalo Stampede Grandslam Part I

A minute ago I had just reached over to grab my phone and quickly retracted my arm as my ribs pierce me with pain anytime I make a sudden movement. This is a result from the first day of the Buffalo Stampede Grandslam - Good times!

There are three races that take place during the Buffalo Stampede weekend which all start in Bright, Victoria (Australia). The first race is on the Friday which is the Sky 26er, a 26.9km run with 1850m of accent. On the Saturday is the ultramarathon (Ultra Sky Marathon), a 75.

Lamington Eco Challenge 2015 Race Report

Lamington Eco Challenge 2015

What a weekend and what a race! About 9 weeks ago I decided to hydrate my dry spell of running by entering a race that consisted of two trail marathons over two days, the Lamington Eco Challenge. Up until the point of entering the race I had only been running between 5-10km on the road, nothing spectacular, so I knew that I was being a little ambitious about my first race in over a year!

Getting back into running

There were a few reasons why I hadn't completed any kind of running event in the last year, I became severely ill with tonsillitis a couple of times, I had a medical procedure that kept me out of running for a little bit but I had also gotten myself into a bit of funk that made me lose my motivation to chuck on my Hoka's and smash out the kilometers!

How to Become an Ultramarathon Runner

Here is my new video explaining how you can become an ultramarathon runner without really trying too hard ;)

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How to Become an Ultra Marathon Runner - With Andrew Hedgman
An in depth guide of all you need to know on how to become a great ultra marathon runner.